Sydney: "Is Jill Okay?"
Dimitri: "She's fine. I talked to her this morning. I'm not sure what's going on, but Eddie wouldn't be away without good reason."
Sydney: I suppose not."
Dimitri: "You worry as much as me. I didn't think that was possible."
Sydney: "It's my job to worry. I always have to make sure everyone's okay."
Dimitri: "Sometimes it's not a bad thing to make sure you're okay too. You might find it actually helps others."
Sydney: "Rose always joked about your 'Zen Master Wisdom.' Am I getting a taste of it? If so, I can see why she was helpless against your charms."
Dimitri: "I think so. If you ask her, she'll claim it was the staking and decapitation. But I'm sure it was the Zen wisdome that one her in the end."
- Sydney Sage and Dimitri Belikov (The Golden Lily)

"My family had a cat back in Utah that I was pretty sure was more responsible than Angeline."
- Sydney Sage (The Golden Lily)

Trey: "Hey, are you dating anyone?"
Syndey: "Are you... are you asking me out?"
Trey: "What? No. Of course not."
Sydney: "Thank God."
Trey: "You don't have to look that relieved."
- Trey Juarez and Sydey Sage (The Golden Lily)

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